Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms (serves 2)

Maria Connolly
May 15, 2023

I made up this dish last night for the first time. Was a kind of experimental dinner and I’m going to say it was a success. Turned out quite tasty. Made up the sauce and I can’t be sure of exact measurements of ingredients but it’s a trial and error situation. I’m not one for measuring really. Sauce was way too watery without the avocado. It helped by giving it a creamy thick texture. This is a keto, paleo and AIP friendly dish without gluten or dairy. You have to get creative when cooking for autoimmune conditions.  You don’t have to feel like you’re missing out. So many delicious meal ideas like this to enjoy while supporting your health.


1 turnip sliced into fries

4 Portobello mushrooms

1 pack of steaky bacon

Chopped garlic

Chopped ginger

1 medium sized onion

Apple cider vinegar for fries

For sauce

Small handful of basil leaves

One clove of garlic

Squeeze of lemon juice

Squeeze of lemon juice

Coconut milk

Olive oil

Handful of mixed nuts

Avocado to thicken

Pinch of Himalayan salt and pepper to taste  


Pre-heat the oven (fan) to 180C and heat 2 separate oven trays with coconut oil.  

When the oven is ready, make sure oil is hot and roast the turnip fries and mushrooms separately.

Leave for about 25/30 minutes turning the fries in between and making sure they are crispy.

Season with salt, pepper, mixed herbs and apple cider vinegar when cooked.

While turnip fries and mushrooms are roasting chop the streaky bacon, onions, garlic and ginger into fine pieces and fry in pan.

Grab a handful of basil leaves, 1 clove of garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, lime juice, handful of mixed nuts, pour a small amount of coconut milk and avocado to thicken. Add salt and pepper to taste. Blend all ingredients in Nutri Bullet or blender and there you have your sauce. Stir in sauce when in pan when bacon is cooked.

Spoon the ingredients from the pan into each mushroom cap, add the turnip fries onto the plate and serve.

Written by
Maria Connolly