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My Story

I understand the debilitating symptoms that come from living with autoimmunity. Fatigue, anxiety, depression, pain and severe digestive problems are some of the symptoms that can leave one feeling alone, frustrated, hopeless and defeated. Suffering from an autoimmune condition developed in an orphanage in Romania as a baby (I was adopted) I have learned to manage and heal the symptoms through a healthy diet, lifestyle and addressing emotional root causes during different times of my life. The journey is not a linear one so sometimes there can still be flare ups but now I understand the tools and healing modalities that need to be implemented. This takes a lot patience and compassion.

My background is in social care working with mental health, addiction, young people at risk, homeless services and family/community support, I have diversified my passion and skills as a Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach and trainee psychotherapist.

I work from a trauma informed perspective. I am currently a trainee psychotherapist and implement counselling and holistic coaching skills, somatic counselling skills and other healing modalities depending on what is suitable for each client. Every physical dis-ease will always link back to an emotional root. I consider your physical, emotional and spiritual health when implementing a personalised plan that works for you.

​Other interests I have include spiritual practices such as breath work, meditation and plant medicine. I am also a Wim Hof Instructor that holds workshops and online classes that can be found at

Maria Connolly Health

One On One Consultations (In person or via Skype)

​We have a chat over the phone to establish the start of positive new working relationship and access whether my service is right for you.

If my service is suitable for you I send you a detailed questionnaire that gives me a holistic view of you and we arrange a one to one consultation in person or via Skype. The first consultation will usually take an hour/hour and a half.

We break down barriers together and explore the solutions you want for you.

Together we create SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) goals.

You will receive meal plans, fact sheets to inform you of anything you need to know and have access to extremely helpful external resources.

I will be your ally and guide you through your journey of success and happiness. I am passionate about empowering and supporting you to thrive! For more detail visit Maria’s blog post "My Story."

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy  works from the Functional Medicine perspective where we investigate symptoms that are triggering fatigue, digestive disorders, depression, anxiety, hormone imbalances, inflammation within the body and much more.  We can carry out functional testing which most doctors are not always willing or able to do.

I consider your sleep, diet, relationships, exercise, environment and spiritual health to make a personalised diet and lifestyle plan with you.

You have ongoing support where you learn how to take accountability for yourself.  This is done through non-judgmental and empathic approach.  I promise a lasting fulfilling outcome for you.

Why Invest in a Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach?

To finally take control and get to the bottom of health issues.

To develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle and attitude.

To cultivate a greater sense of fulfilment and inner peace.

Benefits or purpose of investing in a Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach?

To enhance quality time with loved ones.​

To have the energy to follow your passion and dreams.​

To avoid developing a chronic disease later in life/manage a chronic disease.

work with me

You will benefit working with me if you are experiencing autoimmunity including:
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Ulcerative Colitis

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Crohn's Disease

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Thyroid Disease

e.g hypothyroidism
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Metabolic Disease

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Hormonal Imbalance

Including PCOS, Endometriosis, Menstrual Problems etc
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Chronic Diseases

If you are a patient of Dr. Sam Van Eeden, please arrange your consultation with me by filling in the contact form or contacting me directly on 085 172 7181. Appointments can be made in person or online.

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